Batteries as the central element for urban sustainability


Batteries 2030 mission

The project Batteries 2030 intends to answer in an integrated and structured way to the decarbonization challenges and sustainable energy community’s dissemination.
The project leverages science and technology around the theme of production, storage and management of sustainable energy.

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Strategic goal

The project Batteries 2030 focuses on the development of technologies applied to batteries of the future and their transfer to the urban environment.
The project strategic goal is based on disruptive solutions, reliable, sustainable, easily scalable, capable of being integrated throughout the value chain and accessible to the consumer.

The alignment with European strategies in terms of decarbonization and sustainable cities, and the coordination with technological agendas focused on the development of high-performance, reliable, safe and environmentally and economically sustainable batteries, ensure the strategic positioning of the Batteries 2030 in the national panorama.

Technological goals




Design, develop and validate innovative technological solutions in energy storage.


Design develop and validate systems/methodologies, tools and processes that contribute to the enhancement of batteries (lithium ions) life cycle.


Design develop and validate innovative technological solutions of local and decentralized electrical production, based on renewable sources (solar, wind, thermal and kinetic).


Design develop and validate innovative technological solutions for monitoring, controlling and management of storage systems for energy communities.


Design and develop a living lab for decarbonization, which assumes itself as an energy community, and which combines the multiple technologies developed.



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01 Mar. 2022