Project "Batteries 2030" invests 8.3 ME in alternative forms of energy

27 Apr. 2021

Fourteen companies and nine research centers are going to invest 8. 3 million euros in "Baterias 2030", a project led by a company from Braga that intends to create alternative ways to generate, store and distribute electricity, it was announced today ...


European Commission reiterates its commitment to supporting investment in the European batteries value chain

23 Mar. 2021

On the first day of the INL Battery Summit, the European Commission representatives assured that the EU is highly committed to doing everything to enable a true and complete battery value chain in Europe...

BMW Technology Revolutionizes Energy Market

10 Jul. 2019

Innovative project implemented in Portugal produces green energy by storing electrical energy in a BMW i3 battery at the headquarters of ACAP and VALORCAR, in Lisbon...


18 Aug. 2020

After 10 years of use in the truck, Addvolt systems can be reused as a powerbank to charge electric vehicles. . . . ...

Portugal gains critical dimension in the industrial battery sector

The Portuguese industrial battery cluster is launched in May, bringing together, in the initial phase, 20 companies and 30 institutions linked to the sector.

10 May. 2021

“It is very different for us to go with only one national company – no matter how big it is, it does not have enough weight to attract investment, to attract interest”, says Pedro Salomé...

part of the INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory Battery Summit

08 Jun. 2021

Public presentation of "Baterias 2030"

30 Jul. 2021

The public presentation of the "Baterias 2030" Mobilizer Project (which concluded its first year of activity), was attended by the Minister of Environment and Energy Transition, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, and the Deputy Secretary of State and Energy, João Galamba...

Cities, power plants of the future

07 Sep. 2021

Who will send you the electricity bill in the future? Probably your mayor. A Portuguese project envisions a time in which cities will take on an active role in the creation and storage of their own electric power...

Baterias2030 and Vinci7D Projects featured at InnoLAE 2022

01 Mar. 2022

CeNTI attended once again the reference event in the field of #Electronics. During the initiative, Vinci7D and Baterias 2030 (PPS2 and PPS4) Projects were presented...