The consortium of the Baterias2030 project was conceived based on two aspects. The first is based on energy storage and production technologies with a high potential to evolve beyond the current state-of-the-art. The second aspect is the willingness on the part of business and scientific co-drivers to collaborate and contribute in terms of the development of technologies and / or their application in the market. It should also be noted that this project has national reference partners, who, although they are not formally part of the consortium, are relevant partners in the value chain further upstream or represent potential end users of the recommended technologies. The project also counts on the collaboration of the Braga City Council in the implementation of the living laboratory for decarbonization.


dstsolar is a company specialized in Engineering, Supply, Construction and Operation and Maintenance, of photovoltaic solar power plants. Over the past decade, it has become one of the largest companies in the sector, with the installation of more than 500 units of renewable energy production. It is included in the roadmap for carbon neutrality, in which it intends to make a strong contribution to the current energy transition, contributing to the decarbonisation of the economy of the future, increasing the energy independence of its customers.

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dst was founded in 1984 and is an engineering company with a reputation for experience, which has always been able to meet the demands of the market and bet on competitive areas of activity, taking full advantage of the technical knowledge that it has. Having a solid experience in the field of construction engineering, a sector in which it is recognized, dst aggregates a high know-how and technical skills by having highly qualified and specialized human resources in the various aspects of engineering and construction. At the same time, the company continues to invest in innovation and R&D, in order to increasingly increase its knowledge in order to respond to the engineering challenges it faces, seeking to develop innovative construction techniques and methods that prove to be more efficient and sustainable.

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innovationpoint – Investigação e Desenvolvimento is a company of the dstgroup, founded in 2005, based in Braga, whose mission is to provide answers to the challenges and technological needs of customers and users, through solutions adapted to the environment, aesthetically attractive, friendly and with a high capacity for generating value. innovationpoint has consolidated experience over more than 15 years in the development of web platforms, cloud services and mobile applications for several platforms (Apple, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian). It presents a strong commitment to diversity as a point for success, and change as a permanent opportunity, as the search for innovative solutions is a clear management principle for the company. The offer of products, tailored to the needs of the client, is supported by a consolidated philosophy of continuous commitment to the level of R&D expertise and resources, attributing and ensuring the development of innovative and value-added solutions for the sector in which it operates.


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INL – International Iberic Nanotechnology Lab is an intergovernmental organization for scientific research, composed of more than 400 people of 40 different nationalities and many other scientific origins, making it a place where the interdisciplinarity has a fundamental role.

The INL, takes a leading role, at the international level, in facilitating and coordinating nanotechnology-based research programs and projects that generate knowledge, products and services for the benefit of industry and society.


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bysteel fs

bysteel fs is a dstgroup company, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Braga, that is specialized in design, engineering, transformation, and installation of building facade systems. Having about 8000 m2 of shop floor and state-of-the-art equipment for cutting and machining of aluminium profiles and sheets, its industrial unit is one of the most modern in Europe for the manufacturing of all types of facades. Combining technology with a team of human resources with high know-how and technical skills and the adoption of methodologies and softwares recognized in the market, bysteel fs is prepared to respond to facade challenges for large buildings and / or high technical complexity according to the most demanding quality standards of the international markets where it aims to operate.

bysteel fs intend to make innovation part of its DNA having so a growing commitment to RDI, being one of the main pillars of its strategy the search for development of disruptive solutions which combine architecture and engineering aiming at efficiently resolving common problems of buildings, whether of  energetic, acoustic, thermal or waterproofing matters, with the underlined concern of adopting design principles, processes and materials oriented towards the ecological sustainability.

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Since its establishment, Omniflow has been dedicated to the manufacture and research of energy production structures. Its activity is linked to the market of renewable energy sources trough the development of devices for generating electricity from the wind and solar energy.  

The energy production structures are capable of including multiple IoT apliccations as smart lighting, video surveillance, 4G, wifi, video analytics and air quality monitoring sensors.

 Omniflow already has a global presence in more than 30 countries and more than 1,000 units installed worldwide.

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The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) is an internationally renowned reference institution in research and teaching, integrating since 2010 the top 20 of the European ranking of institutions that teach in the area of Chemical Engineering, being classified as first at the national level (NTU 2020). FEUP is the host institution of eight R&D units that promote the development of innovative technological solutions, among which LEPABE (Laboratory of Processes, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy Engineering) is the host institution of the proposed researchers. Continuously rated as “Excellent” by international committees appointed by FCT, LEPABE has 220 researchers 80 of whom have doctorates. The project Batteries2030 will be developed by the Processes, Products and Energy Group with a primary focus on topics related to energy from renewable sources, energy storage, chemical processes, among others. LEPABE has a strong interaction with the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto located on the FEUP campus, which aims at cooperation between the University, Industry and Private Companies and includes several companies and innovation centres working in areas such as biotechnology, chemistry, energy, polymers and composite materials, among others.



INESC MN is a private non-profit institute with 30 years of experience in micro and nanotechnologies in an ISO4 / 5 Clean Room. The objectives of INESC MN are research and development in strategic areas, namely magnetoresistive sensors and nanoelectronics, MEMS, microsystems for biological and biomedical applications. As an interface center, INESC-MN offers training to young engineers and scientists in the use of cutting-edge technologies using micro and nanofabrication, and transfers technology to industry, through collaborations in research projects, research contracts, prototyping and consulting.

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INESC TEC is a private, non-profit association dedicated to scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, advanced consulting and training, and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies.  Presently, INESC TEC’s main sites are located in the cities of Porto, Braga and Vila Real. By the end of 2020, INESC TEC’s 13 R&D Centres hosted 732 integrated researchers (354 PhDs), including R&D employees, academic staff, grant holders and affiliated researchers.

INESC TEC envisions to be a relevant international player in Science and Technology in the domains of Computer Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Networked Intelligent Systems, and Power and Energy.

As an institution operating at the interface between the academic and business worlds, bringing academia, companies, public administration, and society closer together, through its “managed science” model, INESC TEC generates knowledge as part of its research, and leverages that knowledge in technology transfer projects, seeking impact both through value creation and social relevance. The dual mission of INESC TEC is to excel in research and to seek its social and economic impact, with a unifying commitment to the scientific and technological aspiration of fostering pervasive intelligence.



The Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is a Higher Education Institution, being the largest and most respected School of Science, Engineering and Technology in Portugal. IST’s mission is to contribute for the development of society, promoting quality higher education in the areas of Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology, of undergraduate, graduate and lifelong training, and by developing Research activities, Development and Innovation (ID&I), essential for the progress of knowledge, and for teaching at the level of the highest international standards.  The IST has as mission to create and disseminate knowledge and provide its students with a solid basic education and skills to improve, change and shape society through science, technology and entrepreneurship, combining teaching and Research, Development activities and Innovation (ID&I) of excellence, in a stimulating and global environment, aimed at solving the challenges of the 21st Century. The research at IST is carried out in units and institutes and is framed in large areas of competence associated with challenges with great impact on society. These areas are strongly interdisciplinary and transversal to several domains of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology.




Addvolt is a technological company focused on reducing the impact of transport on the environment and on people. Developed the world's first Electrical Plug-in system for the refrigerated goods transport sector. Its patented technology uses lithium-ion batteries that enable environmentally friendly, silent, and efficient deliveries. After 10 years of use in trucks and trailers, in a high-intensity operation, the battery system loses about 20% of capacity, leading to its replacement.

However, these batteries are perfect for multiple applications of second life with less intensity. This is the case recently launched “Addvolt EV Powerbank”, a mobile charger for electric and hybrid vehicles. The use of the battery system in stationary renewable energy storage in the residential and industrial market corresponds to another possible second-life application.

In this way, an AddVolt not only maximizes a battery's value chain throughout its life cycle, but also promotes circular savings.


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C2C-NewCap’s vision is to develop disruptive electrical energy storage systems and its mission to offer high-efficiency, safe and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Its competitiveness is based on the development of proprietary energy storage electrodes made of metal oxides and carbon.  

Their first product was developed specifically for the mobility area, though the developed technology is transversal to many other applications related to energy storage.

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CeNTI is a private non-profit R&DT institute located in the north of Portugal. Founding in 2006, it is a multi-sectoral Institute of New Technologies, equipped with the most advanced technology and which develops Research, Technological Development, Innovation and Engineering activities in the fields of intelligent and functional materials and systems.  

As a centre for research and technology transfer, CeNTI presents in its portfolio of innovation and R&D activities, several projects that demonstrate its commitment and mission in supporting and boosting the national technological, industrial and business infrastructure in order to develop new products with high added value and / or incorporating new technologies in traditional products and markets.

CeNTI's mission and activity has stood out for its dynamism and proximity support to industrial sectors, both nationally and internationally, in the sense of developing and validating new technologies that are based on the development of new materials, new coatings, new interactive technologies and lighting systems and new sensing systems, in multisectoral and multitechnological areas, with a focus on supporting the areas: Automotive and Aeronautics, Construction, Architecture and Intelligent Spaces and Health, Protection and Well-being.


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Watt-IS is a data analytics company focused on applying large-scale Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning methods on top of smart metering data to generate the most value, not only for end consumers, but also for retailers & DSO’s by reducing churn rates and delivering new revenue streams.

By applying advanced self-learning algorithms in a Data Analytics as a Service (DAaaS) approach, coupled with white-label data visualisation platforms, we aim to actively promote energy efficiency, increase the penetration of renewable sources while contributing towards the creation of flexibility markets and Renewable Energy Communities.



Efacec’s purpose is to create a smarter future for a better life.

Efacec develops and provide integrated solutions in the fields of Energy, Mobility and Environment, shaping the future of our cities with digital connectivity always present.

Efacec has a global footprint, with presence in 12 countries and sales in more than 80. It offers a comprehensive portfolio, delivering tailor-made solutions, according with the specifics of each client and market.

They anticipate and shape the future through transformers, equipment, service, automation solutions, energy systems, environment and industry projects, transport, and electric mobility solutions.

In Energy, it develops solutions for T&D, integrating conventional and renewable energy systems to provide the best and most innovative solutions in terms of efficiency, resilience, and reliability.

In Mobility, every day it anticipates innovative solutions in electric mobility and transport, because the world is always on the move.

In the Environment, it manages the water cycle and solid waste, reducing the carbon footprint and developing green solutions that improve our quality of life.



Founded in 1930, Secil is today one of the main cement producers in Portugal. With an annual production of four million tons of cement. Although cement production is its core business, Secil is at the center of a group of about 40 companies that operate in complementary areas such as concrete, prefabricated products, hydraulic lime, plasters, coatings, quarries, among others. At the international level, Secil is present in Tunisia, where it is the majority shareholder in the cement company Société des Ciments de Gabès and Sudbéton. The company is also present in Angola, with 51% of Secil Lobito's capital. Secil is also a majority shareholder of the Lebanese Ciment de Sibline, s.a.l,. In 2015, it acquired all of Supremo Cimento, headquartered in Pomerode, Brazil. Completed a new cement factory in Adrianápolis. In Portugal, the company developed an integrated structure for the formation and sale of cement, supported by a distribution network that allows it to supply directly to its customers, or even through points of sale consumed throughout the country. Semapa holds the entire share capital of Secil.

Linked to its main activity and operating in complementary areas, alongside production and laboratory infrastructures and internal know-how, Secil is a partner that includes itself as an asset for the entire project.

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Visblue Portugal and the parent company, Visblue AS, were created with the purpose of developing low cost-energy storage systems. The origin of the name Visblue comes from the combination of the Latin term Vis, which means the life force, and blue, the color that represents cheap and sustainable energy.

Visblue AS was founded within the University of Porto (PT) and the Aahrus University (DK) in 2014. The company develops, manufactures, and sells customized energy storage solutions based on redox flow batteries, that include the electronic conversion and control system, allowing the energy transition and facilitating the introduction of technologies that use renewable energy sources for electrical energy production. Visblue Portugal was founded in 2017 and is based at the UPTEC building (Asprela hub), Porto. The initial focus was the development and production of the new generation of redox vanadium flow batteries for use in battery systems.

In the group of both companies there is a multidisciplinary team with competences in redox flow batteries and electronic conversion and control systems essential to develop the activities mentioned above and the rapid growth of this group is expected, with the expansion of R&D and industrial activities.


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CEiiA is an Engineering and Product Development Centre that designs, develops, and operates products and services in the mobility industries, conceived based on sustainability (sustainability by design).  Over the last few years, CEiiA has evolved in a continuous process of development and valorisation of competences, whose path began in the automotive industry with the generation of knowledge through engineering services with Pininfarina and then with the consolidation of these competencies in the development of products for third parties with the Elbilnorge Buddy vehicle. Later, it integrated complementary skills in the areas of systems, electronics, and connectivity (TICE) that allowed him to evolve from specialization in the car to mobility.

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Amnis Pura

Amnis Pura (AP) was created in 2018 with the spin-off seal FEUP and University of Porto. The company is dedicated to the development, production, and sale of customized solutions for production, purification, and use of H2. Among its products, stand out the units of H2 purification with PSA base. This technology allows to obtain high degrees of purity and recovery, removing contaminants such as CO2, CH4, N2, CO e H2O. Complying with the demanding ISO14687-2, the H2 obtained can be used in PEM (FC) fuel cells. AP is also dedicated to the production and commercialization of PSA for the purification of other types of gases, including CO, propane, propene, among others. It develops and produces FCs from 500 W to 50 kW. To achieve the highest performance and extend the life of these products, they are continuously improved and optimized. The design of the bipolar dishes developed by AP allows to increase both life span and performance, promoting uniform energy production throughout the dish and preventing the accumulation of water. The unique sealing system provides a perfect sealing avoiding losses of fuel, oxidizer and coolant and also allows to operate at high pressures, up to three bar, improving the performance of the FC  Their FCs due to their high power and low weight are suitable for mobile applications, such as UAV.

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The National Energy and Geology Laboratory (LNEG) is a public institute integrated in the indirect administration of the State, considered as a Sate Laboratory. It is a R&D institution, of technical and technological assistance and of laboratorial support geared towards responding to the needs of society and companies, and assists the government in public policies, in the fields of Energy and Geology.

It invests in sustainable research and for sustainability through the generation of knowledge and also performs the permanent functions of the State in the preservation and enhancement of the territory in its areas of competence.



3drivers – Engineering, Innovation and Environment  is an environmental consultancy company with over 15 years of consulting activity in the field of circular economy in Portugal and in the European Union  The company cooperates with its clients in order to promote the sustainability of its activities, focusing on improving the environmental performance of systems, products and services.

It has a creative team with wide experience, which in an innovative way addresses the challenges posed, exploring opportunities for environmental improvement that allow its clients to acquire competitive advantages and anticipate their position in the market.

Today, 3drivers is a highly specialized company, both in waste management systems and in the technologies and value chain of industrial units for the processing and recovery of various wastes. It was, and continues to be, pioneer in the application of several tools for the design, evaluation, and optimization of environmental performance of systems, products, and services, such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or Industrial Symbiosis. These tools have allowed 3drivers to develop its consultancy activity, using the most recent scientific developments, some of which are already established in the European political and regulatory context.

3 drivers


ZEEV is a dynamic company with 100% Portuguese capital, specialized in offering renewable energy and electric mobility solutions. It has more than 13 years of experience in engineering and providing solar photovoltaic energy solutions for companies and individuals, with a wide portfolio of production systems for sale to the grid, self-consumption, and isolated systems with and without batteries  

It was pioneer when in 2011 it started selling electric cars in Portugal with a complete solution that integrates the electrical vehicle, the charging station and the specialized assistance service for electric vehicles, which allows a simple and efficient transition to an environmentally friendly fleet.

It has more than 800 charging points installed throughout national territory and more than 300 installations of solar panels and batteries.

Its Mission is to provide integrated mobility and sustainability solutions that generate economic and environmental savings, ensuring the greatest simplicity for the customer.


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The Institute of Polymers and Composites (IPC) is a research unit of the Engineering Scholl of University of Minho, associated with the Polymer Engineering Department. Its mission is to collaborate for the advancement of science and technology of polymers and composites. The IPC is organized around the chain of technical-scientific knowledge of polymeric materials-processes-products and composites: design, synthesis and modification, production, characterization, application, use and reuse / recycling. IPC develops basic, integrative, and applied R&D activities, and intends to contribute to the advances and application of knowledge in its scientific domains in the following areas: a) Advanced materials, Advanced manufacturing technologies, Advanced Engineering Design; b) Integration of advanced materials, Integrative manufacturing, Incorporation of functions in systems, Immersive Engineering and c) Polymers for advanced applications, Circular Economy, Digital transformation. At IPC its identified 3 main thematic areas: i) Sustainability and Ecoefficiency, ii) Smaller, stronger smarter -materials, processes, and products, iii) High added value manufacturing.


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